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chimney cleaning

Clean chimneys don’t catch fire

A clean chimney is a safe chimney

Complete chimney cleaning

Every time you burn wood or fire logs in your fireplace, the smoke leaves

flammable particles behind, which can build up on the walls of your chimney. A chimney fire can cause serious damage to your chimney, and the flames can catch fire to your roof or the trees around your home.


The certified and trained experts at Dusty Brothers Inc. offer comprehensive chimney cleaning services that will locate any potential chimney problems, including cracked flue tiles, top plate damage, brick deterioration, and water and flashing problems. We’ll also check for firebox cracks, rusted dampers and smoke shelves, and anything that can cause smoke or draft problems.


After the thorough inspection, we’ll clean your chimney with specialized equipment that will completely remove creosote or other debris.

•  Animal removal

•  Digital video inspection

•  Rain caps

•  Safety inspections

•  Certified, insured, and bonded

We use a vacuum system that ensures creosote, debris, soot, and other particles don’t get into your home during the

cleaning process.


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